Film Industry Electricity Accidents - Compensation For Electrical Injury


Filming on Location

Just as in any industry there are certain occupational safety measures that should be taken to prevent accidents from occurring. The film industry though illustrious in its title, does have cause for concern with respect to the coupling of several other industries in its production.

There are accounts of those working within the film industry having electricity accidents. How might these issues be prevented? This stands as a responsibility of the filming safety officer. It is he that is responsible for the safety of the film crew and any other individual coming into contact with the film crew or filming activities. He prepares a Safety report based on the script and location survey information. It outlines how the Production Company must act in regard to safety. This will prevent any film industry electricity accident.

Film Industry Electrical Hazards

Electricity can kill. Even non-fatal shocks can cause severe and permanent injury. Shocks from faulty equipment may lead to dangerous falls, such as from a ladder. Those using electricity may not be the only ones at risk. Poor electrical installations and faulty electrical appliances can lead to fires which can also result in death or injury to others.

To ascertain if there is accessible power on the site, where the source is located, whether the Production Company can use the electricity and if there will be a fee for this service. A Location Manager may employ an electrician to fit and connect three phase power outlets within a location to facilitate the Lighting Department. When Three phase power is implemented it provides high volumes of electricity on three separate channels. Fitting three phase power would generally only occur in high rise buildings as the Lighting Department generator or generator truck ordinarily supplies ample electricity to power the film set.

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