Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation - Injury Claims for Accidents


Please note all the laws in all the States and Territories are completely different - please click the appropriate link below for your state.


If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident as a driver or rider who was not at fault, as a passenger or as a pedestrian struck by a vehicle and you sustained an injury you will be entitled to claim losses arising from the injury sustained under the vehicle's CTP Insurance. Losses that may be able to be claimed include:

  • Loss of Earnings
  • Medical Expenses
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Compensation for 'pain & suffering'

All the States and Territories have completely different laws, thresholds and entitlements which apply and therefore please contact Legal Injury today for advice on your particular circumstances.

In Victoria, Tasmania and Northern Territory you are also entitled to claim if you are injured in a fault accident and you should also contact Legal Injury today for advice.

If you were traveling on your way to or from work or for the purposes of work you may also have potential Workers Compensation entitlement. Legal Injury are also able to assist you in this respect and should be contacted today.

Please do bear in mind there are strict time limits that apply and the car accident must be reported to the police within a stipulated time period.

These time limits are quite strict when applied to Motor Vehicle Accident claims and you should contact Legal Injury as soon as possible by filling in the form on the top right.
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