No Win No Fee Claim Lawyers in Australia


The laws in all the States and Territories of Australia are completely different for compensation entitlements in relation to amounts of compensation available because of unfair thresholds and laws introduced by the various State and Territory Governments. One thing however which is available 'in one form or another' across the Country is the availability of solicitors who are prepared to act on a No Win - No Fee basis.

With the all but impossibility of obtaining Legal Aid for a Personal Injury claim, the No Win - No Fee facility is an aid developed to assist injured people obtain legal representation without being required to pay up-front the solicitor's costs. This is of great help to the majority of injured Australians who are off work injured, when the likelihood is that you will not have too much spare money to pay solicitors' costs!

No Win No Fee arrangements cover your solicitors' legal fees only, but obviously if a specialist solicitor is prepared to act for you on this basis, i.e. they do not get paid unless you win (also known as No Win No Pay), they must have confidence in both you and your case. You must however be sure that the solicitor is a specialist on your particular issue, because even acting on this basis an inadequate or unscrupulous solicitor could end up losing your compensation entitlements and leaving you liable for your opponent's legal fees.

Contact Legal Injury today for assistance to ensure you get the best legal representation on a No Win - No Fee basis from a specialist solicitor. In addition to acting No Win - No Fee, the solicitors will also, on most cases, finance or arrange finance of disbursements (medical reports, police reports, investigative reports, etc) on your behalf, alleviating further expenses.

You deserve the best representation - contact Legal Injury first if you have been involved in any of the following situations:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Motor Cycle Accident
  • Medical Negligence
  • Slip & fall Accident
  • Workers Compensation
  • Trip & slip Accident
  • Workplace Related Accident and Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Public Liability

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