Injury Compensation Claim Advice for Workplace Accidents


How to Identify Major Workplace Hazards, Preventing Workplace Accidents

It is an unfortunate fact that the workplace is the cause of death and injury for many Australians annually. The Compensation Claims alone account for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to the Victorian WorkCover Authority, 31 people were killed in Victoria in 2000 as a result of workplace accidents. This compares to 21 in South Australia , eight in Tasmania , 21 in Western Australia and 181 in New South Wales.

Each State in Australia has an Occupational health and safety authority which sets out to prevent and limit any and all workplace accidents in every type of industry. The safer a workplace is, the less likely it should be for an accident to occur. Of course making a safe work environment may require an initial short term investment to adhere to the workplace safety standards. This is only a nominal amount of money when considering what may happen if an accident or work injury were to occur on the job. Compensation claims don't come cheap when your company is at fault for negligence. The level of safety in your workplace will also have a direct bearing on your insurance. Insurance premiums will vary depending on the level of workplace health and safety procedures a business adopts successfully. Businesses trying to skimp in their approach to health and safety may even be hard pressed to find an insurance provider willing to sell them coverage- if any at all. This is a huge risk taken by a company that ends up having to defend themselves in a workplace accident issue.

Depending on the nature of your business, your employees will be your greatest source of information with regards to work safety and prevention of workplace accidents. In businesses where there are many computers- obvious factors like cords and electrical outlets should be considered. In the building and construction industries there are many factors separating a safe working environment from an obvious workplace hazard. Much of it has to do with the operation of equipment, standard use procedures and certifications. Those in the workplace responsible for carrying out particular tasks on a daily basis and should be well aware of the risks involved with their duties and the possibility of workplace accidents.

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