Workplace Injury Compensation


Being aware of the tasks involved in a particular workplace duty or job will help to pinpoint any potential work hazards and prevent any work injury from occurring. Assessing the daily tasks carried out as part of your business. By doing job safety checks you will be able to tell any staff or be aware yourself of what the risks are and how to carry out a particular task to reduce any risk of workplace injury.

It is a good idea to conducting safety audits at regular intervals within your workplace so that you can identify any potential risks with regards to workplace injuries. It is important if problems or workplace hazards are found your actions are immediate in assessing the level of risk involved. You must not fail to act. You do not want to find yourself facing a compensation claim for a workplace accident you knew was waiting to happen.

Workplace Hazards

Obviously, businesses have workplace health and safety issues specific to their own industry. There are also some safety issues common to all businesses- no matter what the industry. Examples of these are slips, trips, falls, fires and electrical hazards.

To prevent workplace related injuries one must provide to their employees:

  • A safe workplace along with safe work practices
  • All equipment tools, machinery, electronics and such are protected and are safely stored
  • Safe and hygienic facilities within the workplace including toilets, eating areas and first aid.
  • All workers should be equipped with the appropriate information, training and supervision so as to upkeep a hazard free environment
  • There should be processes set up to inform and involve workers and representatives with regards to anything that may affect their health and safety in the workplace.
  • Processes for identifying hazards, assessing risks and controlling those risks so that the incidence of accident or injury is lessened and or eliminated
  • Efficient ways to record workplace injuries and illness.

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